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Dr. Dre Tops The Forbes List Of 20 Hip-Hop Cash Kings For 2012

Posted: 06 Sep 2012 12:29 AM PDT

Beats By Dre

1. Dr. Dre @ $110 million

Dr. Dre tops the list this year mostly due to his Beats By Dre headphones, but there's also the fact that he has stake in the careers of Emineem and 50 Cent plus a very profitable catalog of music. He's also the only artist other than 50 Cent to make over $100 million in a single year.

2. Diddy @ $45 million

Diddy comes in second as he continues pull in huge profits from his stake the Ciroc Vodka brand, in October 2007 Diddy agreed to help develop the Ciroc vodka brand for a 50 per cent share of the profits. He became a brand ambassador for the product. The product has had huge commercial success and is synonymous with Hip Hop culture, often affiliated with terms like "Ciroc Boys" or Diddy referring to himself as Cîroc Obama. Cîroc is on pace to sell more than 2 million cases in 2012.

3. Jay-Z @ $38 million

Jay-Z continues to be the ultimate hustler, he's never fell below the 3rd position and has for many years been at the top spot. His Roc Nation label sports artists like J. Cole, Rita Ora, Willow Smith and Jahlil Beats as well as a management roster containing acts like Rihanna, Meek Mill, Wale, Melanie Fiona and Shakira just to name a few. His collaboration album Watch The Throne with Kanye West was very successful and many would even call it  classic.

4. Kanye West @ $35 million

Kanye West is not too far behind his big brother Jay-Z with $35 million, His G.O..O.D Music label is the home to Big Sean, Pusha T, Common, Kid CuDi and more. His Air Yeezy sneaker line is also very successful, not to mention  the Watch The Throne tour that brought in big profits for both Kanye and Jay-Z.

5. Lil Wayne @ $27 million

Lil Wayne closes out the top 5 with $27 million, allot of which is due to his latest album Tha Carter IV, which sold almost a million copies it's first week. He's finally started to branch out into non-music ventures such as DEWeezy with Mountain Dew, and Trukfit clothing line.

6. Drake @ $20.5 million

Lil Wayne's YMCMB front runner Drake stays close to Weezy with a little over $20 million. This is a big jump from last year where he tied Wiz Khalifa for the 11th spot earning $11 million. His Take Care album was very successful, selling 631,000 copies it's first week. This was then  followed by a successful Club Paradise tour. He also shills for Sprite and Kodak.

7. Bryan "Birdman" Williams @ $20 million

He's the co-founder and chief of Cash Money Records—home to listmates Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj—and adds to his coffers with other ventures including clothing and vodka. Birdman tied Wayne last year for the number 4 spot earning $15 million.

8. Nicki Minaj @ $15.5 million

I guess it's 19 Cash Kings and 1 Cash Queen, performances at the Super Bowl and the Grammys helped raise her profile while a new album, extensive touring and endorsements with Pepsi and others lined her pocketbook. I might be wrong but I think Nicki Minaj is the only female to ever make Hip-Hop Cash Kings list.

9. Eminem @ $15 million

Sometimes music is enough. Eminem sold more albums last decade than any artist in the world, and continues to cash in from his extensive back catalog and occasional tour dates.

10. Ludacris @ $12 million

The multihyphenate mogul's non-musical ventures include Conjure cognac, headphone line Soul, voiceovers for RadioShack and roles in movies such as Fast Five and New Year's Eve.

11. Pitbull @ $9.5 million

The self-proclaimed "Mr. International" has been making money all around the world, pulling in millions from touring, record sales and endorsements with the likes of Kodak and Dr. Pepper.

12. Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa @ $9 million (tied)

The portly Maybach Music Group boss banks big bucks from concerts, record sales and his aforementioned label.

13. Wiz Khalifa @ $9 million (tied)

After exploding onto the mainstream scene in recent years, the Pittsburgh-bred rapper has continued to milk his image as an herbal enthusiast, helping him to healthy merch and album sales. He's managed to stay high on the list despite not releasing a second album yet.

14. Snoop Lion @ $8.5 million

The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg is in the midst of a rebirth as a reggae artist -- and continues to rake in cash from a wide range of activities including album sales, touring and endorsements.

15. 50 Cent @ $7.5 million

Though the onetime top Cash King has fallen from his VitaminWater-fueled peak, he still collects cash from sales of his music, as well as G-Unit clothes and video games, SMS headphones and energy shot Street King.

16. Swizz Beatz ($7 million, tie)

Though he's still not as well-known as his wife, Alicia Keys, the multifaceted Swizz Beatz has been cashing in on production credits and deals with the likes of Lotus and Reebok.

17. Pharrell Williams ($7 million, tie)

The sweet-singing superproducer continues to earn big, thanks in part to new liqueur line Qream and his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, which partnered with Rocawear last year.

18. Young Jeezy ($7 million, tie)

His recent album, Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, has sold more than 500,000 copies since its December release; Jeezy adds to his coffers with touring and a clothing line.

19. Mac Miller @ $6.5 million

Not yet old enough to legally drink, the youthful emcee makes his Cash Kings debut on the strength of a rigorous touring schedule and the first indie record to top the Billboard charts in over a decade.

20. Akon, Timbaland & Tech N9ne @ $6 million (tied)

His latest album is still on hold, but the Senegalese singer continues to collect cash from a range of ventures including touring, production, a record label, a clothing line and a rumored diamond mine in Africa.

20. Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley ($6 million, tie)

The portly producer makes the Cash Kings list for the sixth year in a row, pulling in proceeds from a lengthy pack catalog, new production credits and liqueur LeSutra.

20. Aaron "Tech N9ne" Yates ($6 million, tie)

Though not well-known to mainstream music fans, this midwestern emcee racked up nearly 200 tour dates this year and earns big from releases on his indie label, Strange Music.

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Did Drake & Chris Brown Put an End to Their Beef?

Posted: 05 Sep 2012 10:25 PM PDT


It's been reported that Drake & Chris Brown have allegedly squashed the beef, which was originally born from their highly publicized brawl at a Manhattan nightclub back in mid-June. Since then several developments have occurred,  including a proposed celeb boxing match between the two, and several lawsuits being filed against the two artists. Both Drizzy and C Breezy have been very silent on the issue, the last incident being Chris taunting some of Young Money members in a night club about a month back but it was never confirmed. Beyond that it doesn't seem to be much of an issue. A source close to Chris Brown made a few statements about Brown's current stance on his beef with Drake.
"That situation already been handled and Chris [has] no beef with [Drake.] We don't think about [him.] Drake who? That club shit was what it was and Chris left that baggage back where it happened."
The two artists are nominated for Best Male Video at the MTV Video Music Awards, and it should make for a interesting scenery when the show airs tonight, but it's been confirmed that Chris would not be attending the awards show. But the source says Chris' non-appearance at the upcoming VMAs has nothing to do with Drake.
"None of what's going on with the VMAs is because of Drake. You can believe that"
Lil Wayne even shouted Chris Brown on his  "Don't Like" freestyle off The Dedication 4 mixtape, when he played a line from Chris Brown's Don't Like freestyle which was a Drake diss. Do you think we've seen the end of the Chris Brown vs Drake beef?

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Nicki Minaj Only Said She Was Bi-sexual in Order To Gain Media Attention

Posted: 05 Sep 2012 09:32 PM PDT

Nicki Minaj Gives Girl Lap Dance

Nicki Minaj has finally made it clear as to what is her sexuality, when she originally came out she made allot of references to being bi-sexual and very much being into women on numerous songs on her mixtapes and albums. Allot of this was covered on iHipHopMusic, and it was part of the reason why she got so much attention and why so many lesbian/bi-sexual women were at her shows. She strung along the public and her fans for a very long time, and it worked for her. In a recent interview with  Rolling Stone, she admitted that she thinks women are attractive, but she would never date a woman, and that she only said she was bi-sexual in order to gain media attention. Rolling Stone released the following statement regarding her confession:
"Early in her career Minaj claimed to be bisexual, but now says she just did that to get attention. 'I think girls are sexy,' she says. 'But I'm not going to lie and say that I date girls."
If your a fan of Nicki Minaj, does this revelation matter to you? does it hurt the integrity of Nicki's brand?

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Diddy-Dirty Money – Lovin You No More (Remix) (feat. Drake & Busta Rhymes)

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 04:39 AM PDT

Busta adds a verse to Diddy's Lovin You No More single.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download:Diddy-Dirty Money – Lovin You No More (Remix) (feat. Drake & Busta Rhymes)

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Who's hotter? Keyshia or Beyonce!

Posted: 11 Sep 2007 08:01 AM PDT

As usual  I was surfing the internet on the latest news in the world of entertainment today, when I came across concrete loop's post on the Keyshia Cole interview from Essence Magazine. Of course, I read the article and several of the comments when someone foolishly replied "Keyshia's lazy, she's not as hardworking as Beyonce is and they are both 26," – or something to that effect. Of course, immediately outraged with that comment, I had to reply:

Keyshia is NOT Beyonce. Keyshia DID NOT have the pleasure of growing up in a nurturing environment (so to speak) as Beyonce which would have enabled her to start early and get that advantage that Beyonce has had – that support is fundamental. Beyonce had parents who quit their damn jobs for their child’s dreams… and where was Keyshia’s mom. Exactly! As far as ya’ll hating on Keyshia’s looks… Keyshia has come a MIGHTY long way. She’s definitely not as ghetto looking as she was before, therefore I am proud of her… SISTER GIRL is doing the damn thing! I was proud of her at the NFL Kick Off and I am proud of her now, she’s showing us a different side of her and I like this side a whole helluva lot better than before. Additionally, Keyshia offers a more realistic perspective on relationships that the AVERAGE woman deals with without sugarcoating it…whereas Bee (and I do love me some Bee okay!) but Bee is signing with the silver spoon still in her mouth…. she has no ideal what it means to undergo hardship and she never will.

Love live Keyshia Cole!!!

Now of course, I don't expect the simple minded heifer who wrote the initial comment to understand that perspective and it's cool. I just wanted to get your feedback on the matter… WHAT DO YOU THINK??????

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Lloyd ft. Juelz Santana – Pusha

Posted: 31 Aug 2009 02:04 AM PDT

Ill Will Records Tre Williams Featuring Nas – "I See You Coming"

Posted: 22 May 2008 11:24 AM PDT

Sammie – Its Just A Mixtape

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:56 AM PDT


Star Camp Etertainment presents Sammie - Its Just A Mixtape, listen and download it. Listen and Download:Sammie - Its Just A Mixtape

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Wiz Khalifa Responds To Kanye West Dropping His Name on The "Theraflu" Track

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 04:51 PM PDT

Wiz Khalifa

By now, Kanye West's "Way Too Cold" (Theraflu), has blasted on the radio and in clubs many times, so tons of people have heard it.  In the song, West fires direct shots at his current girlfriend's ex, Kris Humphries, while simultaneously dropping Wiz Khalifa's name in the track, but in a respectful way. Everyone knows Wiz is now engaged to West's ex-girl Amber Rose, so people might think that Kanye would have some negative words in regards to Wiz if he were to mention him on a song.  However, West clearly stated that he respects Wiz when he spit the lines: "The whole industry wanna f*ck your old chick / The only n*gga I got respect for is Wiz / And I'll admit I fell in love with Kim / Right around the same time she fell in love with him." Until recently, Wiz Khalifa has remained silent about his name being dropped in the song. But DJ Funkmaster Flex got Wiz to speak up about the song on New York City's Hot 97 radio show Monday night (4/23).  Here's what Wiz had to say in response to Flex asking him if he was shocked and why he felt shocked: "Yes, because he said my name.  I've gone a long time without anybody actually saying my name out loud like that. It wasn't a bad thing. It was just the fact that it was my name. That's my name. it was wild, it was wild, but nothing negative. Everybody got positive from it, so it's positive." Source: SOHH.com

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50 Cent – Shooting Guns Video (feat. Kidd Kidd)

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 12:14 AM PST

50 Cent - Shooting Guns

Urban Media powered by Mixtapes.tv
50 Cent - Shooting Guns music video, featuring Kidd Kidd. Off of The Big 10 mixtape available on Mixtapes.tv.

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Jay-Z In Talks For A Deal With Warner?

Posted: 28 May 2009 12:07 PM PDT



Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Jay-Z was on his way to bringing his Roc Nation label, an imprint he created as part of his rumored $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation, to Warner Music Group. Now the New York's Daily News has learned more about the possible partnership, this time involving an alleged separate label for Hov. According to the Daily News' gossip section, Gatecrasher, Jay has been meeting with former Def Jam associates turned Warner vice president and executive vice president respectively, Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles, about possibly heading his own Carter Music Group on Warner. "Jay knows Lyor and Kevin from back when they all worked together at Def Jam, and he obviously wants to work something out with his friends," an inside source told the Daily News. "He wants to get the dream team back together. There have been a few whiffs of a reunion in the past, but only now - and very privately - is something finally starting to happen." The source adds that Cohen and Liles tried to get Jay to bring Roc Nation to WMG as well but he has instead decided to release his upcoming album The Blueprint 3 on Live Nation. Jigga recently reportedly bought out his contract from Def Jam for $5 million. As of press time neither WMG, Jay-Z, or Live Nation have released any statements about the alleged negotiations. – Elan Mancini Source:XXL

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Waka Flocka – Hi Jackin Planes

Posted: 16 Jun 2011 09:10 AM PDT

Chozen and Waka Flaka

Waka Flocka got a new one called "Hi Jackin Planes" and given the name of track it's only right that I post this pic which we took after we got off the plane last week, he Hijacked first class and was messing with the flight attendants but shout out to those flight attendants though, they had me damn near drunk in first class, none stop drinking. This track goes hard though, check it out. Yes that's me on the left.

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Ja Rule Radio Interview

Posted: 08 Sep 2007 11:16 AM PDT

Check out Volume 16 of our wildly popular RADIO SHOW featuring J.D. Dapper, Doe Dolla,Tola (The Girl Wonder) & Summer B.

Listen to the hottest music out right now and the.LIFE Files Radio Show talk about the top breaking news headlines.

the.LIFE Files Radio Show got to speak to Ja Rule about his NEW highly anticipated album The Mirror which hits stores on November 13th.

Ja Rule talks about:

- his relationships with Jay-Z and DMX -
- what album he is going to purchase on September 11th-
- if he could speak to Foxy Brown, what he would tell her-

Ja Rule also talks about his new movie deal, clothing line and other investments that he has on the way. Ja Rule also talks about how the world got to see him create a track on Irv Gotti’s new reality show. Hear his 2nd single off his new album “Body†, exclusively at the.LIFE Files Radio Show.

Listen To Ja Rule’s Two Part Interview NOW!…
Part 1 of the.LIFE Files Radio Show & Ja Rule Interview

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Part 1 of the.LIFE Files Radio Show & Ja Rule Interview

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Props to the.LIFE Files Radio Show

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Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nostra (feat. Ludacris, Naturally 7 & Rudy Currence)

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 09:05 PM PDT

Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nostra (feat. Ludacris, Naturally 7 & Rudy Currence)

Here is a brand new record from Quincy Jones's new remake album, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra. This is the title track, and it features Ludacris, Naturally 7 and up and coming DTP singer/songwriter Rudy Currence. The forthcoming album will hit stores November 9th. [audio:http://media.kickstatic.com/kickapps/images/3380/audios/802591.mp3] Download:Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nostra (feat. Ludacris, Naturally 7 & Rudy Currence)

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Cassidy's Phone Rap Battle Contest

Posted: 15 Aug 2007 01:46 PM PDT

Cassidy fans, call and leave your best 16 bars to receive a call from Cassidy, acknowledgement as a sold rap battler and potential inclusion in a Cassidy video or appearance! Here's what you have to do -

The Cassidy Rap Battle Contest has three rounds, each round consists of two weeks. The first week call Cassidy’s SayNow number, 215-701-0998 to leave your best 16 bars. Week two, Cassidy will leave a message announcing the top three rappers. Fans call Cassidy’s SayNow number to vote on their favorite of the top three rappers.

Cassidy will leave a SayNow broadcast announcing the winner of the round, which will advance them to the finals. Three finalists will then rap battle over a conference call with Cassidy, where he will decide the winner.
You could be Cassidy’s Rap Battle Winner!

Any of the Hip Hop Music Dot Com readers out there have any battle skillz…….?

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Snoop Dogg – I Don't Need No Bitch (ft. Devin The Dude & Kobe)

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 10:10 PM PST

Snoop Dogg - I Don't Need No Bitch Cover

New music from Snoop Dogg entitled "I Don't Need No Bitch" featuring Devin The Dude & Kobe. It's produced by DJ Khalil and is from Snoop's upcoming project Doggumentary drops March 29.

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Rihanna – Raining Men (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 01:07 AM PST


Another one from Rihanna titled "Raining Men" featuring Nicki Minaj, check it out. LOUD drops November 16th. Thoughts?

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D.O.P.E. – Know Dat Video (feat. Stuey Rock)

Posted: 23 May 2012 07:15 AM PDT

D.O.P.E. - Know Dat

Music video from 'Know Dat' by D.O.P.E. featuring Stuey Rock. Off the D.O.P.E. mixtape available now on Mixtapes.tv.

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  3. DJ Scream – Shinin (feat. 2 Chainz, Stuey Rock, Yo Gotti, Future & Gucci Mane)

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M.I.A. Compares Nas & Jay-Z

Posted: 25 May 2010 05:48 AM PDT

M.I.A. Complex Cover

What do you like about hip-hop today? M.I.A.: I think Kanye is trying to take it into a new realm and he's sort of putting the artistry back into it and sort of taking it in that direction. I was having a conversation about Jay-Z and Nas and how it was really crazy how they were having this Nas vs. Jay-Z moment 10 years ago and no one really talks about it now. You clearly haven't been to complex.com! M.I.A.: Jay became the biggest representation of rap music who's still alive, started dating Beyoncé—everything was so much bigger and better with Jay-Z. I hope people don't think that that wins. The fact that Nas didn't become all this sort of stuff changes people's perception about the music and the work he achieved in his lifetime. I don't wanna say Jay-Z sold out, but I just feel like we have to wait another 10 years to see what happens. Jay-Z's ambition was to become like Frank Sinatra, a household name all over the planet, and own a casino in Vegas and stuff like that. And I think Nas was really sticking to knowledge. I still think the biggest point about hip-hop is in there somewhere, what happens to those two artists. Full Interview: Complex
What do you think of the paths both Nas and Jay-Z took after the beef?

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Beanie Sigel Recording New Jay-Z Diss Record

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 12:30 PM PST

you in the hall already, on the wall already, youse a work of art, man this boy all petty, type to not feed no workers, cuz he grubbed already, noodle, I had the sauce, we coulda made spaghetti, but i'm a shine on my own, i'm a star already, lost the best of both worlds, he coulda called R Kelly -Beanie Sigel.


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Gucci Mane – Heavy

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 03:59 AM PST

Gucci Mane - The State vs. Radric Davis

New music from Gucci Mane titled Heavy, The State vs. Radric Davis is in stores December 8th. Download:Gucci Mane - Heavy

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Birdman – Money and Power

Posted: 25 Dec 2009 07:02 AM PST

New music from Birdman titled Money and Power off a new mixtape he has in the works dropping in January.

Download:Birdman – Money and Power

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